Monday, May 3, 2021

Analytic Therapy- Carl Jung

Analytic Therapy- Carl Jung
Therapeutic Goals

o Merging past and present
o Explore the Conscious/unconscious
o Develop self knowledge
o Individuation- reclaiming undeveloped parts of self through reflection on life/past

Key Ideas
View of Man
o Man’s behavior is conditioned not only by his individual/racial history (causality) but also by aims and aspirations (teleology- explanation of behavior based on future goals)

Collective Unconscious
o Shared by all but modified by personal experience

Personal Conscious
o Unique life experiences and perceptions

■ Theory of Personality o Psyche
■ Conscious/unconscious
o Personal Conscious ■ Only understood through dreams and analysis and makes itself known through complexes and emotions
o Personal Shadow ■ Archetypal representing thoughts, feelings, and actions that disown by projecting them outward (contains everything that could or should be part of the ego that the ego denies or refuses to develop, either positive or negative)
■ Reclaiming is an essential task for mature personality.
o Archetype
■ Pathway of communication between unconscious and conscious
■ Understanding archetypes (images of unconscious) helps one to understand the self
o Principles of Opposites
■ Animus vs. Over Characteristics
■ Conscious vs. Unconscious
■ Personal vs. Shadow
■ Mind vs. Body