Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy


■ Existential and Phenomenological
o Grounded in the client’s “here and now”

■ Initial goal is for clients to gain awareness of what they are experiencing and doing now

■ Promotes direct experiencing rather than the abstractness of talking about situations

■ Rather than talk about childhood trauma, the client is encouraged to become the hurt child

■ Holistic approach to personality vs. mechanistic approach of Freud.

■ Value of examining present situations vs. repressed intra-psychic conflicts from early

■ Focus on process versus content

■ On presently experienced vs what is revealed by client from memory

■ Self understanding comes from individual’s behavior in the present versus why they behave as they do

■ Therapist goal: create experiments for client to assist their self awareness of what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Therapy Process
■ Promote awareness in client through
o Insight
o Self acceptance
o Knowledge of the environment
o Responsibility for choices
o Paradoxical theory of change
o Ability to make contact with others
o Clients expected to do their own seeing, feeling, sensing and interpreting vs passively allowing therapist to give insight and answers

■ Concepts of human nature
o Clients are manipulative
o Avoid self reliance
o Avoid taking on personal responsibility
o Clients have to stand on own two feet to deal with life problems themselves
o Move clients from environmental supports to self-support
o Help clients reintegrate disowned parts of personality