Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Integrative Couples Therapy

1969 Richard Stuart introduced behavioral elements into couples therapy.
1970s couples therapy was based on behavioral change.
As couples theories evolved, behavior and adjustment techniques used to adjust social skills were introduced.
1980s communication skills became and integral part of the healthy functioning couple
Couples therapy began to incorporate family intervention elements in addition to behavioral elements and communication skills building.
1993 Jacobsen and Anderson founded the Integrative Couples Therapy Model.

Theoretical Foundations

o A mix of different counseling methods
o More freedom because not limited to one theoretical view.
Theories commonly used:
o Problem-focused
o Narrative
o Brief/Solution-focused
o Cognitive Behavioral
o Bowen Family Systems Theory

Core Premise
Circular Model of Causationo The foundation of Integrative Therapy is the idea of a circular process of assessment, goal setting, interventions, maintenance, and validation.
o It is a non-linear model
o Any one of these concepts can be revised throughout the session at any given point.
The focus is to create a blame free therapeutic environment.
Integrative Therapy emphasizes that the couple work together to overcome their difficulties giving them a common goal.